COVID-19, Westworld, The Moribund | Roundup

Okay, so this roundup is going to be a little nuts. We’re, around the world, dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 virus in our own communities and we’re all on different levels of alert and quarantine, not to mention all the other stuff that’s happened this year already.

And you may have noticed my usual regular posting schedule has gone a bit skewwhiff (is that really how that’s spelt?) and that’s because I’ve been dealing with a lot recently. I won’t go into it, we all have our problems but feel free to help me out by sharing this and my new book The Moribund -which you’ll find the details of at the end of this post, along with other many others to keep you entertained if you’re quarantining. Including new shows and movies you can watch without going to the cinema during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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February Roundup

TV Land: Plenty to catch up on if you haven’t already watched them. I particularly enjoyed Locke & Key and Altered Carbon season 2.

  • Baghdad Central -CH4 3rd
  • Perpetual Grace LTD -StarzPlay 6th
  • Locke & Key -Netflix 7th
  • Van Helsing S4 -Netflix 8th
  • The Oscars -Sky Cinema 10th
  • The End -Sky Atlantic 10th
  • Narcos: Mexico S2 -Netflix 13th
  • Castle Rock S2 -StarzPlay 13th
  • Hunters -Amazon Prime 21st
  • Intelligence -Sky One 21st
  • The Walking Dead S10b -Fox 24th
  • Strike Back S8 -Sky One 25th
  • Altered Carbon S2 -Netflix 27th

Altered Carbon Season 2

March Roundup for TV Land:

  • Blue Bloods S10 -Sky Witness 2nd
  • Castlevania S3 -Netflix 5th
  • War of the Worlds -Fox 5th
  • Amazing Stories -Apple TV+ 6th
  • Vikings 5b -History 10th
  • Breeders -Sky One 12th
  • Westworld S3 -Sky Atlantic 16th
  • Hitmen -Sky One 25th
  • Ozark S3 -Netflix 27th
  • Duncanville -Channel 4 27th
  • Supergirl S5b -Sky One 30th
  • Miss Scarlet and the Duke -Alibi 31st
  • Kidding S2 -Sky Comedy 31st
  • The Flash S6b -Sky One 31st

Westworld Season 3

Looking Ahead

On TV for April 2020 in the UK:

  • Arrow S8b -Sky One1st
  • Legends of Tomorrow S5 -Sky One 2nd
  • Home Before Dark -Apple TV+ 3rd
  • Tales from the Loop -Amazon Prime 3rd
  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond -Amazon Prime 13th
  • Emergence -Fox 20th
  • Defending Jacob -Apple TV+ 24th

Movies for March/April:

Going to do this a little differently this roundup, with a lot of cinemas closed or if you’re avoiding those crowded places I thought it would be more interesting to look at your VOD movie options. If you know of more let me know and I’ll add them or if you have your own film for people to watch online on a platform I haven’t mentioned please drop a link in the comments 🙂

Movie Streaming Services to Consider

Some of these services you can get for a month at a time and cancel when you like and many offer a free trial.

  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Shudder
  • NowTV movies
  • DisneyLife -especially good if you have the kids at home and it provides more than just movies.
  • Mubi – for the indie, cult, and classic films you may not have seen elsewhere
Movie rental and purchase options
Movies coming to VOD

Can’t guarantee they’ll all be available in the UK but worth checking and check out Zombie Grrlz for the latest VOD Horror Movies. And it’s now possible to go on iTunes and rent some of the movies that are currently in cinemas -like The Invisible Man- if you’re in America for $20. Maybe we’ll get the same opportunity when the movies are meant to be released over here but I can’t imagine all the studios will switch to this method of release. But since the price is about the same as two cinema tickets and popcorn, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.

  • 1917
  • Little Women
  • The Postcard Killings
  • The Grudge
  • Spies in Disguise
  • Bombshell
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • The Wolf Hour
  • The Hunt
  • Emma
Onto the books

There’s only so much sitting around watching shows and movies you can do, of course there’s the usual housework that has to be done and many will be attempting to work from home but it’s nice to have that break and rest. Move away from social media and the news and social distance yourself with a good book.

A number of authors have released books for free or short stories to help keep everyone entertained. Obviously, if you have Kindle Unlimited you have a number of book options already but you could also consider checking out these other possibles for stocking up. And if you buy the paperback, you have an alternative source of paper should the loo roll crisis hit your house.

  • Cool stuff on Neil Gaiman’s website and Mouse Circus
  • Storyline Online to keep the children entertained
  • Your local library (they even do eBooks)
  • Smashwords
  • Bookshare for those with reading barriers
  • And remember you can still order online at many of your local book shops

There are many book tours and launches being cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 virus so make sure to check on any events you were going to. Also, don’t forget to check on your local authors, there is a chance they haven’t noticed yet.

And, perhaps not the book you want to read in these times, I have put The Moribund on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Latest UK advice on the COVID-19

With an ever-shortening list of symptoms before you self-isolate, you can find the latest NHS advice here and the UK Government advice here

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Smashwords Books

Stars, Moon

KT Books

  • Stars
  • Moon

…a damn good read. The set up seems like it will be a little cliched ghost story at first, but then it turns into something else entirely…I highly recommend this introductory story to what is promising to be the start of an interesting new horror universe! I can’t recommend this enough. Buy it, enjoy it and bite your nails waiting for the next book in the series!

– Derek C, NY