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HIM was a 3 part TV Drama that let me down

HIM is a TV Drama starring Simona Brown, Angela Bruce, and McKell David, amongst others. It’s about a teenage boy trying to deal with his parents new families and figuring out where he fits in. He has an inherited telekinesis like power that he has to learn to master. There’s probably going to be some spoilers after this – it held so much promise! 

Erm, so, you can watch it on the ITV Hub if you’re in the UK – there doesn’t seem to be a trailer for it.

The first episode of HIM felt like it started before the story had. The first third of the show was all about introducing all of the characters – when it could have started when he had his first appointment with the Psychiatrist. It would have been relatively easy to introduce the characters whilst diving into the meat of the story. It got a little better as the episode went on but only marginally.

Episode two really had potential, the story got going and you really felt like it had finally found it’s legs.

Until episode three that is. About half way through it just started solving problems. Ending story lines in a rush and making sure everyone was happy. Oh my gosh lets solve all our problems by misinterpreting the psychiatrists advice. Packing a bag, writing some notes, and leaving. And for some bizarre reason, everybody, who we were so diligently introduced to in the first episode, seemed perfectly happy about it. It just skipped a year and showed everyone happy – like no one bothered looking for HIM. And then the one person that did was the step sister he’d had a thing for. Who discovered he was being a stage magician and also perfectly happy.

I felt quite let down by this show

It had possibilities with all the swooping birds that never seemed to bare any relevance to anything other than HIM and his Gran going ‘it’s happening again’ and the seeming build up of power. But the reality was it was a story about a teenage boy dealing with divorced and remarried parents. Who liked visiting his Gran, and who had a thing for his step-sister. It’s not horror just because you make his temper manifest as telekinesis – that barely anyone notices unless he shows them.

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HIM Review Conclusion

Nope – Can’t believe I’m about to give it a 2. It had potential but otherwise it was most definitely a big fat nope from me. I feel like it could have been a great series but perhaps wasn’t given enough time to reach it’s full capabilities.

2 stars 

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