Most Haunted Halloween Special | KT Review

The Most Haunted Halloween Special wasn’t as live as I was expecting

The Most Haunted team return to HMP Shrewsbury for their 2016 Halloween Special. This location had proven pretty active on their previous visit which ran over episodes 8, 9, & 10 of series 4 on Really. The Halloween Special was an as live episode – meaning there was no editing and preparing it for TV, you saw it as they did. You can watch the show on UKTV play. And it’s repeated on Thursday 3rd November at 10pm.

It was disappointing to find out that this Halloween Special wasn’t actually live as I was watching. Only filmed as live. And I was just a little disappointed by the fact they kept on filming after the two hour show and we didn’t get to keep watching their experience.

What I loved about this location was how large it was and how quickly they were running from one end to the other in pursuit of noises. Before beginning to become separated as a result. I did laugh at how easily Yvette dismissed concerns about the girl sat alone in the room watching the four set up cameras when she herself is so against being left on her own. Which she inevitably had to do and quite clearly did not enjoy one little bit. The horror movie moment was definitely when she called Carl for help but had no idea where she was.

I would have loved to spend another few hours watching this show. Particularly as I started watching it early on UKTV play. And I really hope they will consider doing an actually live episode somewhere again soon.

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Most Haunted Halloween Special Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – I enjoy this show. I enjoy watching them scream and try to run away from something they can’t see. But it’s only getting 4 stars for not being actually live!

4 stars 

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