7 Horror Quotes About Making Horror | KT Sharables

Horror quotes are not a rare occurrence, we like to be scared and love those clever lines from both the movies and their creators. So I pulled together my favourites that are about horror, rather than from a horror.

My Favourite Horror Quotes

Arthur Conan Doyle

Most well known for his Sherlock Holmes stories. But also a great believer in the afterlife, fairies, and things that go bump in the night. Permanently on a mission to discover the truth behind many mysteries & unfortunately, on occasion, deceived.

The more willing you are to believe the more likely you are to find what you’re looking for. That’s why this one is top of my horror quotes list.


Eli Roth

The director of some of the goriest films around today. His most recent being Green Inferno – set to hit the big screens very soon. And the trailers and behind the scenes shots he’s been sharing suggest a very disturbing film indeed.


Bela Lugosi

Best remembered for his portrayal of Dracula -and the accent- Bela Lugosi was burried in his full Dracula Costume. But I can’t help thinking he might have been right in this quote…


Edgar Allen Poe

Couldn’t have horror quotes on a blog without Poe. And I think this one last is the best place for it – without the reality, the possibility of the reality, it doesn’t matter what the writer writes because no one will be scared. All horrors need to have a backing in the possibility of it happening or there can be no real fear. This is why I believe that if you want to be truly scared by a book, movie, or TV show – watch or read one that is about the thing you already fear. You’ll get no sleep that night for sure.

¬†And the rest…

Having Horror quotes around is an inspiration

And a reminder of the reason we write horror in the first place – to scare the pants off of someone. To make you keep your feet under the duvet no matter how hot the weather. To make you turn all the lights on in your own house – just in case…