Westworld Season 2 – What we know so far

More (Superbowl) Sunday, probably filtered in through the week, Surprises

The whole world doesn’t watch the Superbowl America, just so you know when you’re planning these fab Superbowl surprises. Seeing the new Westworld trailer days after everyone else feels like I got the office memo after being off sick and no one noticed.

You know, we’re going to do something huge one day and you’ll feel like you’re missing out! Maybe we’ll show the new Taboo trailer right after…erm…right after…Spring Watch! Yeah, that’ll show you. Or, or, the next Sherlock trailer (or maybe that Dracula thing they’re doing) after Strictly Come Dancing – you just watch and see if we don’t!

So, for the UK viewers Ta-Da!!! I give you Westworld Season 2

I believe this second one is the one played at the Superbowl.

We see some familiar faces in these trailers and a few new ones, including the new host. But what you need to know is the second trailer has sequences shot specifically for their ad spot. Scenes which may or may not feature in the second season.

Release Date

Set to be released on April 22nd on Sky Atlantic and through NowTV boxes and will be shown at the same time HBO airs it in the U.S. (Sunday Nights), which of course means those of us on this side of the pond will have to watch it at 2 am on Monday Morning if we don’t want to wait.

What we know so far

  • Jimmi Simpson and Ed Harris will be back as the Man in Black
  • Samurai World or East World will feature in the new season
  • Everyone is keeping quiet about whether or not Anthony Hopkins will return
  • Katja Herbers, from The Leftovers, will be joining the cast as a seasoned guest
  • Gustaf Skarsgård, from Vikings, is also a new cast member playing a white collar guy
  • Fares Fare will join the cast as a tech wizard
  • Betty Gabriel will become the new park enforcer
  • Episode 3 has been changed due to Super Sleuth Reddit users guessing the plot
  • There will be 10 episodes
  • Rachel Evan Woods, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Louis Herthum, and Talulah Riley will also be returning
  • There could be as many as 6 different worlds to explore


There is a small problem with booking at the moment but Aeden, a Westworld Host, will happily help with any questions you have.

New POSter Review

You can stay up to date with Westworld Season 2 news by following the twitter account

Which recently shared this amazing poster – what can you see hidden within the image?