Kate on Female Slashers

Extreme Circumstances

It is often believed that if a woman did kill it was due to extreme circumstances and there are many theories given in each case as to the reasoning behind any killing. So I present to you three female slashers.  Women it seems can be as cold-blooded and vicious as men and there are recorded cases of women killing throughout history.

Three female slashers:

1) Katherine Knight

She skinned and ate her own lover. Born in 1955, she was the first Australian woman given life imprisonment without parole. Katherine moved in with John Price in 1995 but he kicked her out after she got him fired from his job. But the relationship rekindled. In and out of the relationship Price eventually took out a restraining order on Knight to prevent her from coming near him or his children. When Price didn’t turn up for work one day his friends and colleagues became concerned. Police found Knight comatose on the floor having taken a number of pills and Price, stabbed to death on the hall floor. With skills gained working in an Abattoir she skinned Price, decapitated him, and cooked parts of his body. Preparing to serve them to his children.

2) Lizzie Borden

who is said to have killed her own parents with an axe. However, I should note that more recent forensic evidence suggests that this in fact may not have been the case. She was acquitted of the crime. But what exactly happened is still speculated upon, largely because of the conflicting evidence Lizzie herself gave when questioned and the badly conducted crime scene examination. You can watch the fictionalised series of the Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Netflix.

female slashers
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3)Irina Gaidamachuk

A Russian woman born in 1972 who murdered 17 women between 2002 and 2010 to get their money to buy vodka. Pretending to be a social worker to gain entry, Irina began murdering elderly women using an axe or a hammer. Whilst the police had linked the crimes they had few leads. In 2010 her intended victim managed to escape giving police a vital piece of evidence. In 2012 she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

There were many others to chose from but not as many as expected used blades, there were poisonings, shootings, drownings, stranglings and suffocations as well as torture of their victims. So only a few could don the title of female slashers