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Retrieve The Asset

From the strange old western feel of the filming to the blood clouds of the dead bodies, Cartel 2045 had a lot going for it. Plenty of fight scenes, lots of fancy robots – seriously, they pimped those robots, I think one of them had curled slippers- and a splattering of corny lines make up this action-packed movie.

Cartel 2045

In 2045 the continuing drug war has causes havoc between the United States and Mexico. Taking advantage of an opportunity the cartel buys advanced military robotics technology from an engineering company on the brink of bankruptcy to replace their enforcers, hit men, and soldiers. Coming face to face with this technology is a hard battle for the marine sent in to retrieve the asset.

Starring Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,) Alexander P. Heartman (Power Rangers Samurai), Brad Schmidt (House of Lies, Here and Now), and Blake Webb (Colony, Allegiant).

Cartel 2045

Cartel 2045 Review Conclusion

Yeah, I would watch it again: – I really wanted Cartel 2045 to be a little faster but otherwise, it was an enjoyable movie. I particularly liked the exploding into clouds of blood. And that not everyone was keen on the technology they had working for them (with them?). My favourite bit was Angel Malvado’s entry into the robot he’d had built for him.

4 stars 

Available on VOD from May

Cartel 2045

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