Carnival Row – A Dark Fantasy Thriller | KT Review

This intriguing looking Fantasy Thriller 8-part series, Carnival Row, is now available on Amazon Prime. Set in its own world, it greatly resembles the Victorian era and has some similarities in the storyline to current events.

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In a Victorian fantasy world, a growing mythological immigrant population struggles to survive alongside their human neighbours. But when a human detective and a refugee fairy rekindle their love affair hope blossoms, even as a series of gruesome murders threaten the uneasy peace of Carnival Row. Revealing a monster no one could have imagined.

You left me in the ashes of my homeland

Vignette Stonemoss, Carnival Row

Starring Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Kingdom of Heaven), Cara Delevingne (Suicide Squad, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets), Karla Crome (The Victim, You, me, & the Apocolypse), Arty Froushan (Knightfall, Joe Orton Laid Bare), Indira Varma (Exodus: Gods and Kings, Game of Thrones), and Andrew Gower (Being Human, Black Mirror).

Carnival Row Coming Soon

Carnival Row in a Fae Hue

Excitingly, Carnival Row has already been green-lit for a second series. Written 17 years ago, the series was previously optioned to become a movie until Amazon took it on. Said to be full os fascinating side characters and sub-plots it’s bound to keep you entertained this weekend.

She was taken by something unnatural, neither man nor fea

Carnival Row

Carnival Row Review Conclusion

Eagerly awaiting Season 2 – A brilliant show that throws you in at the deep end of life in the Burge, a city not unlike Victorian London with a unique society. Immigrants, fleeing a war, arrive on ships and are indentured to businesses and families to work off the cost of their passage. With beautiful settings clashing with harsh realities of civilised citizens encountering races they are not familiar with, this show raises questions. And there is always someone scheming to get further, raise higher, and make more money. As piece after piece of information comes together, the darker and darker it gets. Step lightly on the path and use your wiles, as you enter Carnival Row.

Find out more about writer-producer Marc Guggenheim here -did you know he uses to be a lawyer? And read some of his thoughts on breaking into the business, being a showrunner, and just how exactly he wandered off the path of the lawyer.