6 Horror Movies Set in a Cabin in the Woods

How can so much fun go so horribly wrong so many times?

There’s nothing better than a remote cabin in the woods with no phone signal to send a bunch of fun loving young adults too. You know they’re going to have fun. And you know it’s going to go horribly wrong.

The Cabin in the Woods

Not your ordinary cabin. Starring Chris Hemsworth and Jesse Williams this cabin in the woods movie is a little bit twisted.

Cabin Fever

Now, I haven’t seen this version yet, but I loved the original. This is the remake of Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever which is awesome and one of my frequently re-watched films.

Five friends rent a cabin in the woods where they become the victims of a flesh eating virus. Of course, that’s not enough of a threat on it’s own. So some homicidal locals thrown into the mix add extra excitement (?).

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil

Horror and comedy collide in this twist on the cabin in the woods theme these hillbilly vacationers get mistaken for homicidal killers by local kids. Even when they try to help it all goes wrong.

The Evil Dead

Who doesn’t love The Evil Dead? And the new series? In the original movie,  Ash takes a trip away with friends to a cabin in the woods. They discover a very bad book which unleashes evil spirits – the rest is legendary.

cabin in the woods, the evil dead
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Wrong Turn

Whilst the group in this movie don’t make it to their intended destination they do end up in a cabin in the woods. The cabin belongs to a family of inbred mountain men determined to make use of the fresh meat intruding in their home.

I Spit on Your Grave

Whilst not set in only one cabin this movie has only one guest  – and she is trying to write her next book. After being subjected to a night of torture and abuse she takes her revenge. And it’s brutal and bloody.

What movies have you seen set almost entirely in a cabin in the woods? Let me know in the comments or on twitter 🙂

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