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Moon | by K.T. McQueen | A werewolf should be scary

A ritual to make a werewolf or a way to lift the curse, only one way to find out. Alice is trying to save her Great Aunt, even if she’s turned in the process. Convincing her friends to try the ritual is easy, reversing the damage is impossible.


Somewhere deep in the woods, in a warm and cosy cabin, four friends work on their assignments, explore, and plan a ritual. Alice, Sarah, Dave, and Paul want the strength, courage, and cunning of a wolf. Convinced it will help them with their future careers.
Warned not to go into the woods at night the group spend their days hiking and fishing, and their evenings working on assignments and drinking wine. Until the night of the ritual.
As they begin the generator stutters, and wolves attack. The wolves want them to finish the ritual. Sarah wants to finish the ritual. Alice just wants to get out alive; she’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means she’s the only survivor.

Werewolves in the CryptTV Collection on Inkshares

This is a book I have entered into the Inkshares/ CryptTV Collection competition. You can pre-order a copy, read a few chapters in advance (and as I write more and add them), and have a say in how the story should progress or be improved. Shares help too and it would be great to get to the top three before the end of October (when the competition ends).

Please support Moon by clicking on the link https://www.inkshares.com/books/moon

It’s ‘Cabin in the Woods’ genre of horror crossed with ‘American Werewolf in London’. Churned up in the blender of my mind. I want to make werewolves scary again – you shouldn’t want to be one, but if you become one you should be the scariest goddamned monster you can be!

Horror and Fantasy Author – Also writing as K.T. McQueen. Love Western Horror, cowboy boots, my cactus Collin, & my Demon Cat.
Moths – I hate moths, the way they flutter at your face!

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