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The Soul Game by K.T. McQueen

After the death of his mother Mike had got himself a life. A great girlfriend, a great apartment, and a new job. He was selling The Soul Game -a new self help book- to bookstores around the city. He’d done the company training, read all the info about the book, and watched all the online videos they’d provided. He just hadn’t actually read the book.
When he discovered what he was really selling, things started to go very wrong. He’d wanted a human life so badly, why did the demon world insist on dragging him back in? Couldn’t they have their stupid revolution without him?

The Soul Game

Whether you’re a sinner or a saint there is probably something you’d give everything for. The Soul Game asks you to offer your soul as collateral. You pick your colour, follow the rules, and complete the tasks, and in exchange you get a life gift you absolutely need. Your life will be completely different, so much richer. After only ten days of very simple tasks, you’ll absolutely want to do, you’ll experience wonders you never thought possible.
Of course, should you fail a task your soul will be removed and sent to await your arrival in Hell. So! Be brave, be bold, and be devilish – don’t hold back and you can’t possibly fail. But stick to the rules!

K.T. McQueen 

It’s a real pleasure to get inside your head and root around. But with this book I give you something a little different. I ask you to be involved. To take part in the daily challenges and see if your world isn’t expanded just a little by acceptance of something society frowns upon.
Whilst writing this book I suffered the most dreadful nightmares and I had to stop writing. It’s taken me three years to get to the end of because of those nightmares. But this year, I woke up one morning, and understood how to write it. Ever since then I’ve experienced the strangest serendipities. Perhaps you will too.

Praise for The Soul Game

The Soul Game


Horror and Fantasy Author – Also writing as K.T. McQueen. Love Western Horror, cowboy boots, my cactus Collin, & my Demon Cat.
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