Sheriff of the Eternal Law, Kate Trinity

Sheriff of the Eternal Law

Sheriff of the Eternal Law is about a witch with powers

greater than she ever expected, who must now decide her

path. Will she accept her destiny, take on the role offered to

her, or try to live a normal life? It’s a lot to take in for a girl

who was having trouble deciding which college to attend.

But when her friends’ troubles become hers, she realises

destiny has a funny way of getting what it wants. New

allies, new friends, and a new job mean she has a lot on

her plate. How much harder can it really get?

Deanna’s gifts are going to drop her in a whole heap of

trouble, but they might just help her get out of it too.

Horror and Fantasy Author – Also writing as K.T. McQueen. Love Western Horror, cowboy boots, my cactus Collin, & my Demon Cat.
Moths – I hate moths, the way they flutter at your face!

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