Kate Reviews: Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk is sooo good!

Bone Tomahawk is about four men – not all appropriate to the mission – who set out to rescue the damsel in distress (she was kidnapped by cannibals) and one of the town deputies. Her injured husband, a gunslinger, the sheriff, and his aging deputy, set out on horseback with dynamite, guns, and supplies. It isn’t long before things start going awry.

Update: Bone Tomahawk is currently available to watch on Netflix UK if you haven’t seen it yet 🙂 

There were moments in the movie where I felt it was a little too modern. I don’t know if it was the words used or the feel of conversations but there was something that, didn’t so much put me off as, peeked my interest. A modern western for sure and not just a remake.

It was a kind of long lead up to the horror. But when it did happen I had a ‘slap my hand over my mouth’ moment of shock. Which was followed with increasingly wide eyes and an ‘erm, okay’ moment (see image below). But I did love the part where the Sheriff (Kurt Russell) used the bone tomahawk on the other guys foot. Although, I was a little sad he didn’t…oh wait that would be a spoiler *cough* never mind.

If anything I would say it ended a little abruptly for me. I felt like there was going to be more and then there just wasn’t.

Bone Tomahawk
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Bone Tomahawk Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again, and again, and again – I enjoyed Bone Tomahawk so much I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. With great scenery and empty canteens I would happily ignore the sunshine outside to watch this.

4 stars 

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