Blood in the Snow | 3 Real Winter Murders

I declare a Snow Day!

Amazing events over night as parts of the UK where blanketed by one whole inch of snow! Seriously, even the cat wouldn’t go out. It was pretty whilst it lasted but it’s melting now (at least where I live). There’s a possibility of more tomorrow, may have to nip out and raid the local convenience store (buy some bread and milk, maybe a packet of biscuits and hot chocolate. Seriously, it could get that bad!).

But whilst most of us have a little grumble if we have to go out, or make dramatic gestures at other equally irritated drivers, not everyone is so lucky when it snows. The following murders all happened on beautifully white and sparkly winter days. But nothing about the events where anything someone would wish for.

November 1984

One evening 13 year old Candace Derksen failed to return home from school. Her body remained un-found until January ’87. She had been hog tide and left in a tool shed walking distance from her parents home. She’d died as a result of the elements in a Winnipeg winter. But there were no leads.

As forensic evidence testing and techniques improved the case was reopened in 2006. They sent the twine she’d been tide with for testing. And in 2011 arrested Mark Grant, a former neighbor of the family, who was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

January 2014

It was a cold and snowy night when Jose Hernandez left his home to go to work a night shift. His killer hit him in the head with a ball-joint remover. Jose slipped and fell to the ground as he tried to escape his attacker, however, he was hit again and again. His frozen body was found 24 hours later, beside his still running car.

The murder was committed by Jose Hernandez own roommate, Anthony Delagarza, a friend of his ex-girlfriends son. He was acting in accordance with the ex-girlfriend’s, Maryann Castorena, instructions. Despite her careful planning it was a list of instructions for covering up the murder that linked them to the crime. And in her attempts to explain away the lists she gave up her accomplice.

December 1990

Up in the mountains of Utah, in the cabin of 71 year old Beth Harmon Tidwell Potts, a horrible murder took place at the hands of two parolees. Beth’s family had come to stay for Christmas, her daughter & her husband Kay and Rolf, and her granddaughters Trish & Linae. After having been out to run some errands Beth, Kay & Linae returned to the cabin and discovered two strange men had broken in, eaten all of the food and opened the Christmas presents.

Lester Taylor shot Kay & Beth before taking Linae hostage. When Rolf and Trish returned Edward Deli led them inside at gunpoint. Next Taylor shot Rolf in the face. The two men poured gasoline over around the cabin and set it alight, forcing Linae and Trish to drive them away on the snowmobiles. Rolf, still alive, managed to leave the cabin. His brother, on his way up to the cabin, met Rolf coming down on a snowmobile. They alerted the police; who gave chase. Lester Taylor was sentenced to death, Edward Deli got life imprisonment.

The trouble with snow

Apart from the obvious difficulties snow produces – slipping, difficulty moving around, freezing temperatures, it can also have an effect on the evidence. From melting tracks to time of death there are many ways the snow can be both a help and a hindrance.

Personally I’d rather stay home with a nice mug of hot chocolate, the snow steadily falling outside, and a good book to keep me company. What’s your favorite murder in the snow book or movie?

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