Beautiful Horror Books (**whispers** for Christmas gifts)

Halloween just happened…

I know, I gave out candy. And this weekend is Bonfire Night. And yet…just around the corner, sneaking up on us with it’s hands ready to throttle us by the wallet, is the most magical time of the year. So why not make it seem a little less scary with some early purchases? Although, you may not want to give anyone these beautiful horror books. And they would look rather good on the end of the fireplace with a little greenery, some fairy lights, and a skull -wearing a Santa hat- as a bookend.

I like the dark side of Christmas, reading horror stories on cold winter nights, sipping hot milk with a dash of cinnamon, and munching my way through a handy box of Christmas chocolates. I love dark Christmas trees, horror ornaments, fairy lights in dark rooms not quite getting the twinkle right, and Halloween decorations getting a second chance to sparkle.

But don’t worry, I haven’t gone Christmas mad already. I’m just planning ahead so I don’t look too much like a mad scientist who just had an explosive accident (not the trouser kind) in the lab. And besides, they are beautiful.


The classic tale of Jonathan Harker’s visit to Transylvania, where he has been sent to help Count Dracula purchase a house. Dracula arrives back in the UK before Harker, arriving in Whitby, where a series of peculiar incidents occur.

Part of a series of classic tales beautifully bound to make a collectable set and a perfect addition to any bookshelf. Other horrors in the collection include: The Picture of Dorian Grey, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Tales, Frankenstein, and Selected Tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Dracula, Beautiful Horror Books

H.P. Lovecraft

The complete collection of fiction stories – the cautionary, supernatural, horrific, and creature filled stories of Lovecraft.

H.P. Lovecraft, beautiful horror books

Penny Dreadfuls

A little cannibalism with your hot milk? We’ve got you covered. Choc full of tales to give you goosebumps, question your own sanity and every single noise your house makes. This beautiful horror includes The String of Pearls and the original Frankenstein novels, as well as tales by many well known authors.
penny dreadfuls, beautiful horror

Slade House

All of the covers on this book are beautiful, and, although a little on the more pricey side, it comes with a equally gorgeous slipcase. It’s also signed and numbered by the author, so if you’re looking for something just a little extra special this could be it. It’s also limited to 1500 copies.

Slade House, beautiful horror


Fancy a cloth bound book? Well Penguin have a whole classic series of books with beautiful cloth covers. Frankenstein is the story of the monster created from plundered body parts by Dr. Frankenstein. Oh, and lightning, can’t forget that, kinda important. Then, Dr. Frankenstein abandons his creation to the world. And his monster wants revenge.


Frankenstein, beautiful horror

The Exorcist

I think some of the most beautiful hardback books can be found on The Folio Society Website. But this one I’ve picked for it’s simplicity. Reminiscent of the book covers found under dust jackets, this red and gold design is beautifully simple. It’s the kind of book you want to slide off the shelf. It also features illustrations inside. And if you have any fans of the TV show to buy for this could be perfect for them. The Exorcist is a story about a girl who becomes possessed by a demon. Her parents and priests fight to save the girl and evict the demon from her body.

The Exorcist, beautiful horror

Beautiful Horror seems like a contradiction in terms

But there is something beautiful about horror don’t you think? The way it weaves it’s stories into your thoughts, the monsters it creates seemingly out of nothing. The dark streets, the romantic elements, the whispers of another world happening in the night that seems to call to you. Even those filled with blood and gore have elements of beauty. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We choose to look into the dark places. And behold! A beautiful horror with a shiver of anticipation and a promise to lead you further into the night. Winter is coming – what will you be reading?

beautiful horror

What say you?

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