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Filled with Regret and Spoilers – Sorry

With Keanu Reeves, Jim Carey, Jason Momoa, Giovanni Ribisi, and Suki Waterhouse starring, your expectations are pretty damn high for The Bad Batch. Written and Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) you know it’s going to be artistically shot and it doesn’t disappoint. 

With no laws to control it, no police or guards to patrol it, and no guarantee you’re going to survive, life as one of the Bad Batch is pretty hit and miss. When Arlen is sent in she’s confronted by miles of desert. And it isn’t long before she finds herself in trouble. She’s not going to settle for living in chains until she is entirely devoured. So she makes her messy escape. And with a little help from the Hermit, gets to Comfort.

It cost her a lot, it cost her an arm and a leg

The Bad Batch has got some issues. It’s a very slow film, and whilst in some instances that works, in others it’s very pointless. And it is filled with scenes of regret, regret for what they’ve done, regret for what they will do, regret for how it is, regret for what they just did to that person who was trying to help them. It’s a whole movie about ‘I want’ / ‘I’m sorry’ – look out for yourself but feel bad about it.

And whilst I disagree with reviews that have said the story doesn’t end. There are other stories within the movie that were like a passing fancy, filling in the gaps, and not going anywhere.

I ended the movie thinking, okay she’s been pissed the whole movie about what the people outside comfort did to her but she kept going back, then she shoots one of them who’s with a kid – takes the kid, loses the kid, finds the kid, gets kid back to dad ( a none comfort resident). And they live happily ever after. But what about The Dream? What about The Hermit? What about The Screamer? Is she gonna eat people too now? How are they even surviving just on meat?

The Bad Batch

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The Bad Batch Review Conclusion

I will probably watch it again – The Bad Batch had it’s issues. Visually it was stunning and as an art piece works just fine. Loved Jim Carey’s character in it. But I had way to many questions when it ended and as a result I can only give it:

3.5 stars 

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