Jack Ryan, The Innocents, AHS: Apocalypse | August Roundup

August Roundup

Well, the heatwave seems to have slithered to a halt and with Meteorological Autumn officially beginning on Saturday, September 1st who can blame it. But I have heard that we’re going to get a reminder of those summer heats through the beginning of September. So, on the cooler evenings, you can hunker down with some hearty food and binge watch The Innocents or Jack Ryan. And with the evenings getting darker you won’t mind being in front of the TV when American Horror Story: Apocalypse begins next month. So, grab an early pumpkin spiced latte and take a few moments of ‘me time’ as you find out what you’ve missed and what’s on the way for your TV viewing pleasure in this month’s Roundup. 

sharp objects, jack ryan

TV Land: 

  • Reverie – SyFy UK 2nd
  • Insatiable – Netflix 10th
  • The Outpost – SyFy UK 13th
  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 4b – AMC Global 13th
  • Disenchantment – Netflix 17th
  • Killjoys Season 4 – SyFy UK 21st
  • Instinct – Sky Witness 23rd
  • The Innocents – Netflix 24th
  • Bodyguard – BBC One 26th
  • Jack Ryan – Amazon Prime 31st
  • Ozark Season 2 – Netflix 31st

The Innocents

On Netflix since the 24th, I’ve watched about three episodes and am finding it a little strange. Desperate to escape the life she has for one less controlled June and her boyfriend plan an escape to London. For a better life. But soon they are simply on the run, two strange men trying to capture her and her father and brother on her trail, the stress of it all leads to some very unexpected changes when June starts to shift into the physical identity of other people.

Jack Ryan

Based on the books by Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan is an up and coming CIA analyst is forced into a dangerous field assignment where he soon uncovers a pattern of terrorist communications. 

Movie Land for August 2018:

Have to say, although these are the release dates for the UK as reported on IMDb they are not necessarily the dates they will appear in your local cinema. So, you might still have to be a little patient for when they show up in a cinema near you. 

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp – 3rd
  • Unfriended: Dark Web – 10th
  • The Meg – 10th
  • The Darkest Minds – 10th
  • Slender Man – 24th
  • Alpha – 24th
  • The Happytime Murders – 27th

Looking Ahead

On TV for September in the UK:

  • Nightflyers (this is the George R.R. Martin one) – Netflix (TBC)
  • The Originals Season 5 Final Season – Netflix 1st
  • The Purge – Amazon Prime 5th
  • Iron Fist Season 2 – Netflix 7th
  • Future Man – SyFy UK 10th
  • You – Netflix 10th
  • Strangers – ITV 10th
  • A Discovery of Witches – Sky One 14th
  • Maniac – Netflix 21st
  • Black Sails Season 4 – History Channel 25th
  • American Horror Story: Apocolypse – Fox UK 27th
  • Counterpart – StarzPlay 28th
  • The Good Place Season 3 – Netflix 28th
  • Somewhere Between – Netflix 28th

The Originals Final Season  😲

I’m not ready! How can this be the last season? Available to watch on Netflix from September 1st

Movies for September:
  • The Nun – 7th
  • American Animals – 7th
  • King of Thieves – 14th
  • The House with a Clock in Its walls – 21st
  • The Predator – 12th
  • The Debt Collector – 14th
  • Mile 22 – 19th
News in brief
  • Eminem has an official rap track for Venom – check the story out here
  • CryptTV is up to something, as per usual, with season 2 of Look-See released on Youtube on August 31st. 
  • Liane MoonRaven’s short film, Darkness Awakens, will be here in time for Halloween. Watch the trailer below: The veil protecting Clarington is thinning and time is running out quickly. An evil entity after an amulet won’t let anyone or anything keep him from getting it – read more on IMDb and follow on Twitter for updates  @LianeMoonRaven

New Books Released

Download STARS by KT McQueen for free. The first in the Noctisbellum Inc. series which begins my Monster Universe. And sample the first few chapters of Moon which is now available from most eBook sellers.

The second book, Moon, is the novella that began as a CryptTV/Inkshares entry, wanted to be a script and is currently entered in the ScreenCraft Horror Competition. And both books are now available for download on Amazon too.

This was a damn good read. The set up seems like it will be a little cliched ghost story at first, but then it turns into something else entirely. The characters are well developed and I actually cared what happened to them. There’s some nice suspense and the tale builds the tension nicely and comes to a satisfying and horrifying conclusion. If you appreciate a quick read and a nice little twist, I highly recommend this introductory story to what is promising to be the start of an interesting new horror universe! I can’t recommend this enough. Buy it, enjoy it and bite your nails waiting for the next book in the series!

Derek, NY

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