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Ash vs Evil Dead

Staring in Ash vs Evil Dead are the very groovy Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, and Lucy Lawless. **I should warn you, from this point on there’s probably gonna be some spoilers** The party seems to be just getting started when Ash gets summoned back to his home town because Ruby can’t handle her creepy kids anymore. Pablo keeps seeing really weird stuff, and Kelly takes an unexpected bath with herself.


The thing I love most about Ash vs Evil Dead is how dirty they get. There’s no artistic tricklings of blood, it’s all just put in a bucket and chucked on and around the set, and probably on the crew too. The other thing I love most is the comedy, the corny one liners and the hidden gems. The way the comedy collides with the action scenes <– that’s the other thing I love most by the way. Particularly love the flinging of the chainsaw through the air for ash to catch on his wrist, that moment in this first episode is gold.

And what I completely and totally love the most in this first episode was the little drawing of Ash with his chainsaw.

Also those creepy children were really creepy, particularly when they spoke and got up close. They reminded me of something…can’t quite put my finger on it…oh and the one that melted -awesome!

(Click on the image below to watch Ash vs Evil Dead with Starz on amazon video in the US. Or in the UK it’s exclusively on Virgin Media, just go to the on-demand menu.)

Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead Review Conclusion

I’ll be watching every week! – I loved the first series of Ash vs Evil Dead and this season is looking good. Full of comedy, creepy kids, blood baths (kinda literally), and weird goings on. It’s like Scooby Doo for grown ups but without a dog. Love it.

 5 Very Groovy Stars 

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