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16 Episodes. One hour long. Horror myths, legends, and lore. The American Horror Story Spinoff will be called American Horror Stories and will feature many familiar faces from the American Horror Story series that have already graced our screens.

Originally announced in May, each episode will be a stand-alone story but details are slim on the ground as of yet. We know that Sarah Paulson could be directing an episode, that the series is intended as a companion to American Horror Story -so perhaps some of the smaller, side stories, could be expanded on in this series to give us an altogether new view of our beloved original series. We should see this show sometimes in 2021.

American Horror Story Spinoff News

Keep up to date on the IMDb page for American Horror Stories or just keep hanging out here, I’ll update this page when I know more.

American Horror Story Season 10

We’ve also recently had news of season 10 of American Horror Story. Some kind of vampire tongue tattooing parlour? A monster lab where an Igor industriously inks them up before their release so they can be returned and identified if the experiment goes wrong? Just spit-balling here, I have no idea. But Mr Murphy is sharing creepy images on his Instagram and it might just be time to give him a follow to get all the latest teasers.

And if you can’t wait for this American Horror Story spinoff, there’s always Ratched, The Boys in the Band, and coming December 11th to Netflix there’s The Prom -which seems to be some sort of glamourous comedy musical about a troupe of theatre obsessed people who swarm to a small town to support a girl wanting to take her girlfriend to The Prom.

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