Politics is already a Freak Show #AHS7

I’m so bored of politics right now!

News of the American Horror Story Season 7 theme has come to light this week and I can’t help hoping it’s some kind of trick. Like last time, where they suggested loads of possibilities with the trailers. ? Please, please, please don’t be about politics! ? I was seriously hoping for the season on a ship that may or may not have been hinted at after Season 6 finished.

What we know about American Horror Story Season 7 so far

  • There’s already confirmation that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be returning for season 7.
  • There are plans for at least two further seasons, so there must be links back and forward in Season 7.
  • American Horror Story Season 7 begins shooting in June and will likely be on TV in the autumn.
  • FX and Ryan Murphy like to keep us guessing & regularly throw us little clues that lead us in the wrong direction – so glad they decided to go into TV shows & not crime.
  • There will be a Coven/Murder House crossover – just not this season
  • There are only four people who know the story planned for season 7 & Sarah Paulson is one of them – but her lips are sealed!
  • And I’ve heard a small whisper that Lady Gaga might be back for season 7
  • Season 7 could revisit some of the characters from Freak Show

Of course, we are talking American Horror Story here…

It’s not like it’s going to be anything we’re expecting even if it is about politics. Considering how they give little tasty clues throughout the year and let the most infuriating things leak it’s unlikely to be straight forward. Not to mention how many times we thought we knew what was going to happen and then they threw us a curve ball. Or told us the last thing they told us was the curve ball.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for news!

American Horror Story Season 7

What say you?

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