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I Wouldn’t Mind a Stay at the Raven

It’s good. It’s not great, it’s not amazing, but it is good. Altered Carbon is a hard one to binge watch, easy to get distracted because the story doesn’t quite pull you in enough to keep you riveted. There’s an overlying old detective movie thing going on. But it only kicks in every now and then and you find yourself wondering why he’s doing a narrative all of a sudden before you remember the detectivy thing.

It’s a good story, and a little more twisted than I imagined it would be but still fairly easy to follow – if you can follow who is in whose sleeve. I thought everyone was basically human but there are some surprise characters and buildings. And the Raven looks like a fabulous place to stay. Although I did feel the characters of Poe and the other’s in his poker game needed a little more explanation. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for another series but I don’t think it will be one I set all others aside for.

Altered Carbon

In a future where you never truly die, your memories can be uploaded and stored in cortical stacks which allow you to be slotted into a new sleeve (or body) when needed, or wanted. A highly trained prisoner is brought out of storage and his stack inserted into the skin of a disgraced detective so that he can find out who murdered the aristocrat Laurens Bancroft.  The trouble is, there are hidden players and the enemies of the detective to deal with too.

Starring Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad, Robo Cop)James Purefoy (Hap & Leonard, The Following), Martha Higareda (Street Kings, Royal Pains), and Chris Conner (American Crime Story, Walk of Shame) as the rather brilliant Poe.  

Altered Carbon
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Altered Carbon Review Conclusion

I would watch a second series – Whilst I felt that Altered Carbon could have concluded in fewer episodes, I would watch a second series. It felt a little like it was finding its legs and there is scope for it to go on, or for another story to be set in the same world.

4 stars 

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