Reviews & Services Offered

Whether you’re looking for someone to review your book or film, or you really want to find a horror-loving copywriter, you’ve come to the right place. 

And this is where real-world me and Author me clashes in a gory mess -I’ve always used pen names for fiction and my real name for everything else. Maybe one day I’ll explain why.


Website need tenderising?

Not just for horror websites, focusing mainly on About Pages -the 2nd most visited page on your site- which lets your audience know fun things like, what kind of lotion you prefer them to use or how many more limbs your centipede needs. You can tell them a little of your story, and how you got involved in the genre in the first place, not to mention getting the page to work for you. 

All you have to do is answer a few questions. Far easier to answer questions about yourself then write about yourself, isn’t it? Then you send them back and I write a delightful About Page -following the template I used for my own  and this one– for only £73


email to get your ad in the sidebar -happy to discuss alternative options, backlinks etc.

Review of Books

I would love to review your horror, thriller, mystery, western or related genre. Please wander around the site to see if your book would be a good fit for my readers/audience. A western romance won’t fit here, but a horror sci-fi would. Email with your info and your book’s logline and title. Please note I am very slow at book reviews, there are thousands of other sites that might be a better fit.

You’ll need to provide for the review:

  • your book for free (either a coupon for use at checkout or pdf)
  • cover image if it’s not available on Amazon
  • And the answer to a question I will send you to let readers know more
  • A short author bio
  • Links to your blog, twitter, etc. 

Review of Films

There are loads of reviews on this site, I review films on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Wednesday’s are usually reserved for Indie movies, series, and short films. Horrors, thrillers, action, westerns, or other similar genres that you think would be suited to the audience. Email with the logline and title of your film. Alternatively, follow and DM @AuthorKTMcQueen on Twitter.

You will need to provide for the review:

  • Pre-screener or access to the movie for free in some other way (i.e. I made this, it’s available on Netflix/Amazon Prime)
  • YouTube trailer link
  • Images from the movie you’d like me to use or the poster
  • IMDb page link or alternative with all the movie info