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A Simple Favour looked like an intriguing movie and I couldn’t resist curling up with a coffee and a snack yesterday to give it a watch. So glad I did. Love Anna Kendrick in it and I’m still super jealous of Blake Lively’s hair -but that’s beside the point, this is a comedic crime drama set around mom friends.

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A newly widowed single mother, Stephanie, with a parenting blog befriends the elegant, elusive, upper-class mother, Emily, with a child at the same school as her own. As they get to know each other, Emily goes missing. Stephanie helps take care of Emily’s son and husband until things start getting strange and Stephanie begins to investigate the disappearance.

Starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect, The Accountant), Blake Lively (Gossip Girl, The Shallows), Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians, Monsoon), Kelly McCormack (Killjoys, 11.22.63), Andrew Rannells (Intern, Black Monday), and Glenda Braganza (American Gothic, Saving Hope).

A Simple Favour Review

A Simple Favour Review Conclusion

I probably will watch again:- This was such a fun movie, love the characters and deviousness. So devious. And twisted, so many twisted tales to follow. Loved it. Watch it. I don’t think anything else needs saying at this point. Is it a real social media account by the way? It’s based on a real story, right? And who knew a Martini could be so dirty.

4 Stars

Snacked on the homemade bread, sliced, and spread with garlic butter, sprinkled with cheese and popped in the oven till it’s crispy that I’m a little bit addicted to at the moment. And coffee, obviously. I actually don’t keep much alcohol in the house at the moment, mostly because I drank what I did have and I haven’t replenished it yet. Plus, I’d probably choose Tequila over Martini anyway.

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