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I’ve seen the Coca-Cola ad, I can do Christmas Horror now!

A Christmas Horror Story stars William Shatner as the radio host, George Buza as Santa, and Rob Archer as Krampus. A series of story lines twisted together from the basis for this movie. The family who trespass to get their Christmas tree, the teens investigating a murder mystery form the previous Christmas, the radio host, the argumentative family on a road trip to see relatives, and an Odin like Santa battling Zombie Elves.

Well I wasn’t expecting that ending! Christmas really does offer up an opportunity for horror writers and directors to look at the dark side of this happy holiday. A Christmas Horror Story is a series of shorter stories twisted together, with some linkage, to give us an alternative Christmas movie – lets face it, it will never be shown on the Hallmark channel.

With the majority of the blood and gore kept to the second half of this movie the beginning half may deceive you into thinking nothing much is happening. But pay attention because some of the connections are subtle. It’s not the deepest of stories, it doesn’t try too hard to make you jump out of your skin or worry that there’s a Zombie elf hiding behind the Christmas tree, but it’s entertaining. A good one to watch whilst wrapping Christmas presents perhaps? But probably not one to stick on after the family are getting over all the turkey and sprouts.
A Christmas Horror Story

A Christmas Horror Story Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again next Christmas– A Christmas Horror Story was surprisingly good. Despite the different story lines seeming to switch at unusual moments there are links between them. And I love that the horror genre has some good holiday offerings.

4 stars 

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