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A Brilliant Monster stars Evette Young (Pitch Perfect 3, Dead Con)Bill Kelly (Mr Mercedes, Bloodline)Joy Kigin (House of Cards, I Am Frankie), written by Adam Bertocci and F.C. Rabbath, and directed by F.C. Rabbath

The story of a successful writer with a dark secret. A secret that holds him hostage to his own success. Seeming to have it all, Mitch writes the best self help books around – well according to some anyway. And despite how much work goes into that, he still finds the time to take care of his father. A father who never thought Mitch would make anything of himself as a writer. With a local police detective, convinced there’s something more going on, dogging his every move, and a publisher who just wants the next manuscript, Mitch has some hard decisions to make.

You gotta clean up your messes **Spoilers Ahead**

There’s always that old joke isn’t there? That if you upset a writer they’ll put you in their story and kill you – well, about that…

You know from the start that there’s something funky going on. You’re pretty sure you know who’s doing it (The writer – obviously…isn’t it?). But you don’t know exactly what it is he’s doing. The story gradually unfolds to let you in on the secrets. There’s conflict. There’s long term friendships. Relationship problems. Missing persons. Monsters. And a police detective, with a chip on her shoulder, looking for the truth. Can she get to the bottom of it before anyone else goes missing?

A Brilliant Monster

A Brilliant Monster Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – A Brilliant Monster wasn’t at all what I was expecting but that didn’t matter. It kept me engaged, curious, and had a story that was something different.

4.5 stars 

Coming: February 2018


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